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Uchi Hiroki's Voice
Potato 2010.07 
26th-Jun-2010 08:23 pm
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Potato 2010.07

credit: motomimost


From the beginning of this year, Uchi always keeps being busy with drama or butai or live stage. Now Uchi is practicing to take a rest and what is the way to relax? Let’s see what’s on Uchi’s mind at present!

In these months, my heart has become stronger.

Recently, the thing that has helped me feel refreshed most is going to the theme park with co-actors of butai “Guys and Dolls” in off-days. There is a time when I refused the invitation because I wanted to stay at home to relax in these off-days. But then I thought I could have felt regretful if I hadn’t attended, so I announced again that “Surely I will go!” (laugh). In the end, it was a lucid decision! It was very fun to go out with friends. I can truly feel the importance of these kinds of relaxation. When I felt tired, I just let loose my body. Until now, in order to be able to recover my strength, I not only keep staying at home but also go somewhere to relax my mind. I think I found a new way to take a rest like this.

Before “Guys and Dolls” started, honestly, I felt very anxious because the time for preparation was short. However, actually I thought it was worthy since standing on the stage was awesome. Despite of the closing day of butai, I still had “Ore no uchi ni kite Kurie” in next day, I almost didn’t have any free time. Talking about the interval, I only had 4 real intervals to myself. In the last rehearsal when everything was gone through, the performance would continue in 30 minutes later. And at that time, I just only asked that “Do I keep wearing this to wait for the show?” (Laugh). Generally thanks to these experiences, my heart has become stronger. From now, no mater what happens, my heart can’t be broken easily.

When my free time is settled, I want to go abroad. Like Hawaii or Guam. I want to be on the beach at ease. But, only being able to sleep without caring the alarm is also happiness, isn’t it? Despite that it’s a very small happiness (laugh). Talking about it, when I attended butai, I had to wake up very early because of the well-regulated timetable of butai. I wanted to sleep so much that I always thought “It’s impossible to wake up now”. And I also had to live alone. Like an adult, right?  But I wonder if I can keep living like that, in a room where there’s no feeling of life.
30th-Jun-2010 03:56 am (UTC)
I'm glad that he could take a rest and go out with friends =)

But, only being able to sleep without caring the alarm is also happiness, isn’t it? Despite that it’s a very small happiness (laugh)

It is!! Not to have to worry about anything and simply sleep XDD

Thanks for translating! ^^
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