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Uchi Hiroki's Voice
Wink up 2010.06 
19th-May-2010 02:13 pm
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WINK UP 2010.06

Credit: [info]king_kun 


After finishing “Guys and Dolls”, in which he played the leading role for the first time, Uchi hasn’t had free time yet. At this time he is holding live performance at Creation Theatre and let’s hears Uchi tell about something marvelous to him recently.

Something marvelous to me?  It’s “How can A.B.C-Z be so vigorous?” (laugh). Actually when taking photos at the same studio, we met by chance and they’re very energetic. Now, they’re taking part in “Takizawa Kabuki”, preparing for “ABC-Z live performance” in Creation Theatre, and also doing the produce with other groups. They’re holding 3 tasks concurrently, right? To me, performing “Guys and Dolls” and preparing for live performance at the same time have already exceeded 120% of my capacity. I feel as like “How can I do~”. In fact, Tottsu and I are at the same age. A.B.C-Z is really vigorous!

Kabuki: Japanese classical drama

Like I said a moment ago, at this time, in the interval of “Guys and Dolls”, I have arranged the time to prepare the live performance with Question?. When butai is over, the next day will be the first day of live performance. Because we don’t have time to make new sets, we decide to use the set of butai. But how will we do?  We are going to parody the butai. My lover Sara will be played by Yodogawa, and Nathan-used to be played by Nisshiki-san- will be Akun. Fujiie is decided to wear women clothes and Ishigaki will play a sham Sky. So, only Fujiie hasn’t been cast for a role yet. I heard A.B.C-Z said  they would wear Hakama and play Kokyu in kabuki. So they will show up cool (laugh). About “Guys and Dolls”, I think we will start from the part “I quit gambling and live happily with Yodogawa”. We will make that idea become comical, and I only think of thus far (laugh). When the members of Question? watched the butai, they also expressed the feeling about the cast. Akun and Yodi said “Just as I thought” whereas Fujiie gave the reaction “Ehh, how can it be?” (laugh). There’s an idea about “Make Akun dance earnestly”, but in this period the plan is being materialized.

kokyu (3 or 4-stringed bowed Japanese musical instrument)

I don’t think Question? and I can make a comical performance. Whereas, A.B.C-Z decided to do something really cool such as acrobats. But we’re also a band, and due to it we don’t have to worry too much (laugh). We will warm up the theatre, then A.B.C-Z will continue keeping the atmosphere there. When this magazine is released, our live performance will be almost finished and live performance of A.B.C-Z will succeed. Everyone, please support!

19th-May-2010 08:11 am (UTC)
i think uchi began to think that he is part of question? hehe, because he said we're band, ne? but i love how their interaction after all i love question?
and i really want to see that parody how i wish it'll be report in SCP stage report. i want to see yodi and fujie became girls!!!!
Uchi really respec ABC ne, and i'm shock that he is same age as tottsu, o_O, Micchi's shock!!!!
otsukaresama deshita Ucchan!!!!

thanks for the translation,
19th-May-2010 11:35 am (UTC)
I love that he mentioned ABC a lot. ;p

Thank you for sharing. :3
23rd-May-2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
I noticed the same as Micchi right away... the way he says it seems like he already thinks of him as being part of Question? or at least sees themselves as a unit. Hum...

Thank you for sharing! <3

btw, you're writing Wind up instead of Wink up. XD Last month too! ^^'

Edited at 2010-05-23 04:00 pm (UTC)
23rd-May-2010 04:12 pm (UTC)
thanks for your mention :">
I don't know why I can type "wind up" instead of "wink up" #_#
thanks again :D
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