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Uchi Hiroki's Voice
Duet 07/2010 
15th-Jun-2010 08:57 pm
DUET 2010/07
Come to my dream house


Credit: hanaalice

When will Southern Island become a place to live?
Talking about an ideal house seriously.

After the leading role in musical, Uchi Hiroki was busy with his live stage. And in this month, we can see the image of a having-off-time Uchi and Uchi will talk about his real house and ideal house!


Despite the fact that the live stage “Ore no uchi ni kite Kurie” was held in a tight schedule, there were a lot of people coming to watch me. Really happy! But everyone couldn’t imagine that in a hour and a half, there were 20 minutes for us to prepare the costume for the play at the corner of the stage (laugh). All the cast of “Guys and Dolls”, who used to co-act with me, also came to watch and they were very surprised to ask me “When did you practice for it?” This time, making plans and organizations of the stage were all done by myself. Of course, the members of Question? helped me choose songs for live stage or create ideas for direction and we also reflected upon many things such as the presentation of “Kimi wo wasurenai…” - the new song I composed at dressing room of butai. Till the last minute, my head was full of thought like “How to make everyone feel happy when they come to watch?” On the opening day, though I still felt troubled just before the curtain was raised, I resolved myself that “From now I will do with all my best.” And after standing on the stage, seeing the smiling faces of everyone, deep down in my heart I felt relieved.  Because I played in “Ore no uchi…” on the following day of the closing day of “Guys and Dolls”, I even couldn’t have time to enjoy thoroughly the achievement feeling of butai (laugh). But the fact that I can manage everything by myself from the beginning was an interestingly new discovery to me. If I have another chance, I will spend time in choosing carefully from sets to illumination etc and want to show everyone my choices more than this time. Being able to do all these things through a live show will be my new dream!



But I couldn’t come back to my house in Osaka right now because of “Ore no uchi ni kite Kurie” in Tokyo (strained smile). In the house where I’m living with my family in Osaka, there is a room I have used since I was 4 years old.  It seems that this room covers an area of 6 tatami mat? Formerly, there used to have a reading-desk and a bookshelf, but at present there are only a bed, a mini-sofa, a TV and a clothes-rack. The bed has been used for nearly 15 years. And despite that it’s very old, it is still the most favourite and comfortable bed to me. But in a day of last year, there was a big noise “Bangggg!” resounding at midnight (laugh). Being surprised, I opened my eyes and realized that my body turned into a V word from my waist. Can you get it? The bed was broken into halves and my waist was sunk right at the broken section. If you saw from the side of the bed, it shaped like a V-word. My dad jumped out of his room, screaming “What’s the noise?” and then burst into laughter after seeing me like a sandwich on the mattress. I myself couldn’t imagine that I was attacked when I was sleeping on my bed like that (laugh).

( Tatami mat: Japanese straw floor coverings)

 I also want to try living alone. But I will not live in luxury. The fact that the house is not too much wide will be better because tidying up is very hard. Living on the top floor of a multistory mansion can be a good idea. However it is also troublesome if the elevator can’t be used when having any incidents or inspections… When you see the sky outside, the spectacle with a green spreading out will be awesome. I want to live in a peaceful street where you can hear the energetic voice of kids in off-days. The furniture is as minimum as possible. I will use a reliable bed (laugh). I want to have pickiness about the interior of a house or illumination on my own. Of course, I want to make my house become the most airy in the world. How about the ideal room of a girl? On TV, there is an image “A girl living in a pink room”, but a room with all the pink is impossible. I think I will use pink as salient color and white or cream will be the main colors. I want to live in a room having cold color and sensation of cleanliness. There will be have a date-room called “Cooking together” in my beautiful kitchen (laugh). If talking about the most ideal place, I want to build a house in Hawaii, even if it is an isolated house. In the morning, I walk with my dog on the beach, and at noon, I have lunch at takoyaki restaurant on that beach. If there aren’t any takoyaki restaurants near the beach of Hawaii, I will open one by myself. Its name will be “Takoyaki restaurant H-ROCKY” (serious look). It will become popular and after a haft year, my shop will be famous enough to be put on guidebook. I wonder if “Ikemen will be cookers” can become the topic of a game (laugh). But, surely it will still be a game based on flavour!



15th-Jun-2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
He is crazy!!!!
Oh my God, it's my first time laugh really hard reading Uchi's article.

H-ROCKY!!!! i want to eat there!!!!!
pleased =))))

thank you guys~~~~~
15th-Jun-2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
he's crazy but he's damn cute ne LOL I cant stop laughing when I translated the broken bed part XD
Hehe I also want to eat there!!! And contemplate the owner of that restaurant :">
15th-Jun-2010 03:22 pm (UTC)
wakaka, the owner ne, not the Food, ~_^V

He is so damn crazy XDDDD
15th-Jun-2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
He's a good storyteller. And I will always associate him with pink. xD

Thank you for translating. ^^
16th-Jun-2010 02:16 pm (UTC)
And I always think that he was born to be Pink LOL
Thanks for commenting ^_^
16th-Jun-2010 01:27 am (UTC)
Oh, Uchi... aren't you a bit too heavy grown up for a bed back from when you were 8 years old? :D
He was in a good mood, I loved it! XD Thank you~

PS: omg the new header!!! <3333333333333
16th-Jun-2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
I love his love for the bed ^_^ Cute and beloved <3

p.s about the header: I believe that all of us agree that this is the most beautiful moment of Hiroki in SCP <333
27th-Jun-2010 06:27 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating.
I want to eat Takoyaki at “Takoyaki restaurant H-ROCKY” (laugh)
Uchi suit pink, really ><"
27th-Jun-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
He was born to be suit with pink <3 And you're right, not only Takoyaki but also the owner of that restaurant are attractive to us LOL
Thanks for commenting :)
27th-Jun-2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
Of course (laugh)
30th-Jun-2010 03:37 am (UTC)
I feel so proud of Uchi, that he organized the stage and composed a new song (and that it's "Kimi wo wasurenai *-*)! <333

But the fact that I can manage everything by myself from the beginning was an interestingly new discovery to me.
It also makes me feel proud~

And, poor Pink Boy, breaking his old bed... *can't help but laugh when imagine the scene XD*
Wow, I want to go to "Takoyaki Restaurant H-ROCKY" too!! XDD
Thanks for translating! =D
30th-Dec-2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
[Late, but still trying to catch up with this community!]

This interview made me laugh so loud, it's amazing!

I can just picture him all tangled up into the bed and having to be found in such a position. XD I used to have a bed of which the slatted floor kept breaking - producing the same effect - and it kept happening to two of my friends when we were together too. Good to hear he can laugh about it afterwards!

Loved his ideal fantasy about his house on Hawaii and the restaurant. He really seems to have figured it all out, haha.

Also, can I download the scans and give the proper credit when using it? I'd love to have these two scans, they're beautiful.
1st-Jan-2011 08:48 am (UTC)
Thanks for all your comments ^o^
This time we have been a little bit busy, so we havent updated to translate recent magazine. But we will soon come back and thanks for your support :)
Btw, about the scans, please feel free to download and enjoy them ^o^
1st-Jan-2011 04:08 pm (UTC)
Nah, you should all just take the time you need, better than stressing out. Curious for that new translation.

Thanks, I definitely will. :) I'm still surprised how quickly everything here (and Uchi himself) updates with interviews and performances.
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