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Uchi Hiroki's Voice
Happy 11th anniversary Uchi Hiroki (part 2) 
28th-May-2010 11:24 pm
hiroki new 1
This is the continuous part from last post here to celebrate 11th anniversary for entering JE of Uchi Hiroki
Wish he always successes!!!!

Happy 11th anniversary Uchi Hiroki
29/05/1999- 29/05/2010

(part 2)

Credit: From someone! if these scans are yours, please tell us to edit

“The trial in secondary period”

After entering Jr, deep down in his heart, Uchi didn’t feel glad. “Somehow I felt bad! Because I entered Jr, immediately, I didn’t have time to do a lot of things. I quit baseball either. Until that time, I didn’t have anything accomplished completely. But I was just a performer; it was easy to understand that I also had some defects”. Somehow, like the time he played a young villain’s part (Team drama). “He had a world in which no one could cope with him. It was really bad. At that time, I thought I exerted myself to play that role”.  But after that time, Uchi had more strength to spread his wings.

“First drama”

After graduating the secondary school, Uchi suddenly became busy. “In the first time I played in a drama (“Doremisora”), I felt so happy. The atmosphere in the studio was very enjoyable, and I also realized the shortcomings in mysef. After that, I could attend drama “Boku no ikiru michi – The way I live” and co-act with sempai Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and it was a good experience. And I heard Kusanagi say that “I’m a fan of Uchi”. It was a great honor to me!”. Uchi steadily exerted himself to act in drama, or to do the concert with Kanjani8.

“The previous night of the day News was formed”

To Uchi, one of the most important events recently is News’s formation. “On the previous day of the day when News was official formed, Ryo-chan and I were shooting for a TV show of Kanjani8. At that time we were plunging into a lot of works. And when we thought we already finished our jobs on that day, we received the call from the person of company “Go to Tokyo right now”. Though I felt very tiresome, I still had to go! At that time, we were said to go to buy Shinkansen tickets. And if I hadn’t taken money with me, I would have objected that “I won’t go”. Because I couldn’t imagine I would join a new group. Luckily, I took money with me!”.

Facing to the destiny, Uchi has gone to this way now. Uchi’s life will be as dramatic as a manga: “I will only get married with my destiny of my life. If my life was a book having 42 volumes, I just got through a volume. I would get married at 2nd volume, and live happily in 40 volumes rest”. So the last episode will be decided to be a happy ending!

A rough chronological table:

1986: Being born in Osaka
1990: Being popular at kindergarten. There was a line of girls queuing up to be able to kiss Uchi.
1992: Playing the Prince of Snow White role for the first time attending a butai.
1993: Going to primary school. Suddenly not being popular anymore.
Observing a UFO for the first time in his life.
1995: Changing school. Being affected by the friends in new school, began to play baseball.
1996: From the 4th form, showing the real ability in baseball in the regular team. But not being popular…
1998: Reaching to the finals of baseball tournament for teenagers, but losing by a game-ending hit when being a pitcher.
1999: Due to desiring 500 yen, joined the audition of Johnny Jr and passed it. But still not being popular.
2001: Being selected to be the vocal of V.West band. Still not popular yet.
2002: Graduating the secondary school. In the graduation ceremony, suddenly becoming popular. But at that time, too late.
For the first time playing in a drama, attending “Doremisora”
2003: Attending drama “Boku no ikiru michi” with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi sempai.
In the 2nd time in life, observing a UFO.
News was formed.
Being able to eat Okonomiyaki (savoury pancake with various ingredients).
2004: Being debuted with Kanjani8
2005: Being able to prepare for getting married.  But sadly still not having any plans…

28th-May-2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
It's sad but at the sametime happy thing that he's not married early, LOL

1992: Playing the Prince of Snow White role for the first time attending a butai.
he's really being prince of Butai, owdays, T_T but at least it make him active.

i wish all the best for him, and will always support him.

Ganbare Uchi!!!
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