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Uchi Hiroki's Voice
SAITA 2010.05 
27th-May-2010 04:42 pm
SAITA 2010.05

Walking and going to buy cakes at the same time?

In the issue of this month, we would have a walking date with Uchi Hiroki. While riding at leisure, he bought the flowers and went to a cake shop ♥. Let’s enjoy the date with the emotions at that place!


5 keywords about Uchi Hiroki:

*) The personality: Nonchalance
Basically I’m an easygoing person. But only when I listen to ghost story, I feel really frightened.

*) When I’m in the bath-tub, I take a steam bath
When I take a steam bath, I say “Whaooo”, and I’m totally relaxed with the feeling “Today was over”. That’s my soothing moment in a day.

*) My favorite phrase recently:  “Sunttsu”
That’s a popular phrase at the studio of drama. Because I usually mistake the phrase “Shuttsu”, now I use “Sunttsu”. It’s really cool (laugh).

*) Actually: I’m a baka father
Of my pet dogs Leon and Maron (laugh). I care about their clothes more than my clothes.

*) My favorite beverage: Jasmine tea ♥
I always take it from the refrigerator, I really love it. I start with Jasmine tea in the morning, and finish each day with Jasmine tea in the evening (laugh).

“My favorite cake is chocolate and Mont Blanc (chestnut and cream dessert)!
If someone can make a cake for me, a fruit- flavored cake is also great!”
“When I say farewell on a date, I will a little bit sulk (laugh)”

“Because I like leisure dates, I think walking and visiting several places such as cake shop or flower shop is awesome! My favorite cake is chocolate and Mont Blanc (chestnut and cream dessert)! But if someone makes a cake for me, a fruit- flavored cake will make me happy deeply down in my heart. And also a bunch of flowers in a memorial day…When 2 persons are walking on the street like this, I want to give her a surprise “I found out that it’s really adorable!”. For example on her birthday, I know she really needs something, like a bag. (laugh) Then golf-date will be a dream date because I only go there with my male colleagues before (laugh). Despite that she’s the beginner, no matter since I will give her my instructions about the way to hit softly “Let’s revolve around this course together!”

Having the bright eyes and never decorating himself are the fascinating characters of Uchi. In the moment having difficulty in choosing the cakes because “All are delicious”, or in the moment jumping into the bicycle eagerly, he looks like a cute naughty boy! So how is an ideal girl to such Uchi like that?

“That’s the girl having the suitable wave-length to me. Despite our being silent, we still understand and identify with each other. We laugh and have fun together. And even if one person think something is interesting, she/he will turn to be sad when the other has the serious look (laugh). If I’m in love, I will love wholeheartedly because I’m not the type of men who love by halves. I’m the person acting with discretion unexpectedly (laugh). It will take a lot of time for me to make confession of love. Ideal situation of the confession? A shabu-shabu shop (laugh). We will meet in a casual manner. And when she is looking at food with concentration and saying something like “So tasty!” I will make a surprise “Let’s go out with me!” That’s the date I plan, and when we bid farewell, I will tell her “I don’t want to say bye bye!”

Cute !

“Then “So at any rate you want to leave?” “You can leave but is it OK if tomorrow we will meet each other?” I will try sulking like that in 3 times (laugh). When I like someone, I always want to stay beside that person! In a solo song of mine, there’s a phrase “I wonder whether we would notice it if right now our hearts were swapped”, and I’m really moved. Two hearts beating as one … I really want to have a love which both can identify with each other strongly like this.”

- all photos credit to 中分@ XQ
- shabu-shabu: thinly sliced meat boiled quickly with vegetables, and dipped in sauce
- all red line is what journalist said

27th-May-2010 10:51 am (UTC)
Wow... Sometimes he sounds like he's really in love. :D Baka father of his dogs... <3
Thank you! ♥
27th-May-2010 11:54 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for translating this cute interview. :)
27th-May-2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
He so damn cute, and and and... i love chocolate too.
and Mont Blanc? he has same fav food with ryo, Ryouchi!!!! ♥

I wonder whether we would notice it if right now our hearts were swapped” -> Share our heart!!!! ;_;
2nd-Jun-2010 04:58 am (UTC)
"I will love wholeheartedly because I’m not the type of men who love by halves."
><" romantic

1st-Jan-2011 09:57 pm (UTC)
Lol, buying your dogs clothes. But I shouldn't be the one laughing, I let mine sleep under a damn sleeping bag for a blanket in winters because she's cold XD.

I enjoyed reading about his ideal date so much. Like how he'd want to surprise the girl, his favourite cake, it really sounds like he's got it all mapped out. And that excitement coming from this interview, it's so cute.

Those scans are great, too ♥ (taking these... I think they're yours?) The one with the bike I like in particular, it seems like it could've been taken with the average digital camera. Outdoor shoots often appeal to me. :)
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